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In honor of Halloween and all things suspenseful, thrilling, scary and mysterious a few author friends are hopping around today and tomorrow, sharing exciting snippets from our novels. Not only are we sharing those juicy tidbits, but EACH OF US is offering a giveaway: books, gift cards, chocolatey goodness, and more. Just leave a comment on the post, share, or like and you’re entered! Check out the list of hoppers below.


I chose a clip from RODIN’S LOVER. My protagonist, Camille, has just raced in from the street after she hears someone chasing her. She dashes indoors to the safety of her art studio…or is it safe? You be the judge below! (Rodin’s Lover releases on Jan 27, 2015, but is available for pre-order now anywhere books are sold.)




Camille fumbled in the shadows. Her fingers brushed the pointed end of a rasp, the glazed surface of a pottery bowl, and a metal tube of paint. Finally, her hand closed around the waxy cylinder of a candle and a small rectangle box. She slid the cover open, retrieved a match, and struck the end against the box’s gritty strip. A flame flickered to life, burned the phosphorous-tipped head, and engulfed the wooden stick. She lit the candle just as the heat licked her fingertips.

How ghostly the room appeared by candlelight. A graveyard of broken pieces, half-finished human forms covered in rags, and heads with hollow eyes searching for their missing bodies. She shivered and lit the gas lamp. And there, atop her desk, sat a blob of clay, the wood handle of a plaster knife protruding from it.

Bumps ran over Camille’s arms. She hadn’t done that—had she? She had been angry earlier, but…. She wrenched the knife from the round of clay. A deep groove remained where the utensil had penetrated its pliable body. She didn’t always remember her actions during a tirade. Rage welled from her toes and swept over her, strangling her sense of reason. She detested how it took hold of her, but she couldn’t seem to control it. Yet she did not recall being angry today.

Not this time. She knew she had not stabbed the clay. And Jessie had not returned. She would have passed her in the street.


Leave a comment and your name goes into the drawing for an advanced reader copy of Rodin’s Lover and a package of chocolate yummies!


Here’s the list of participating authors. Check out their story snippets and prizes!

Janet B. Taylor (gift card & chocolates)

Lisa Alber (Book giveaway & Irish goody)

Kerry Schafer  (Book giveaway)

Alex Hughes (audio & book giveaway)

Hazel Gaynor (2 book giveaway)

Jennifer Delamere  (Book giveaway)

Anna Lee Huber (Audio book giveaway)

Stacey Lee (Book giveaway)



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  1. Melissa Beck

    What a fantastic giveaway. I would LOVE to win and review your book (and the chocolate would be a nice bonus).

  2. Nena Butler

    Looking forward to reading Rodin’s lover, loved Becoming Josephine..

  3. Colleen Turner

    I am so excited to read Rodin’s Lover! I’ll be part of the Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tour and while I already know I’ll be reading it your passage makes me want to start right away :). Thanks for the post and for the giveaway!

  4. Kyle Anne Uniss

    Love it!!! Books and chocolate-what could be better?!

  5. Raquel M.

    This book is on my TBR list. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Whitney

    I’m adding this to my tbr list! Thanks for the teaser and the giveaway.

  7. Allison Spradlin

    Who did that?? This is so intriguing! I’m adding this to my list of must reads in the new year!!

  8. Eric Wilder

    I so want to win this!!! (Exclamation points for emphasis) How many times can I comment? Does this count as one? Happy Halloween.

  9. Michelle Fidler

    Sounds good. I hadn’t heard of this book before, but I think I heard of Becoming Josephine. I love chocolate!

  10. Robert Grieco

    Sounds like a *spooktacular* giveaway. : – ()

  11. Kim Rendfeld

    Intringuing excerpt. I’d love to have the book in my collection.

  12. Juanita Decuir

    Mystery, suspense and intrigue…you have it and more!

  13. bn100

    Nice excerpt

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  14. Amy

    I just finished high school and can’t wait to jump back into reading! Your book sounds so exciting, and super creepy, I can’t wait!

  15. Amy

    How gripping! Can’t wait!

  16. Kimberly V

    I would love to read this. Thank you for the chance.

  17. Jenniebean

    So great of you and all the other authors to share your upcoming books and lovely prizes, thank you! Rodin’s Lover plus chocolate- a perfect match 🙂

  18. Kathleen

    Thoroughly enjoyed Becoming Josephine, with the excerpt above I am intrigued to read Rodin’s Lover…

  19. Kim

    The snippet from your book sounds exciting and interesting. I’m looking forward to reading your new book, and I love chocolates! I’d love to win the book (but will still read it even if I don’t win). ; )
    Thank you for the giveaway and for introducing us to your new book!

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