I Have a Dream!– The Making of Becoming Josephine

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Today I am over at The Debutante Ball, sharing where the inspiration came from for my debut novel, Becoming Josephine, which releases Dec 31, 2013.

Here’s A Sneak Preview:

For the first dance here at the Deb Ball, we’ve been talking THE BOOK. The big kaboom of inspiration that ultimately led to a book deal. So here’s my story. Writing this debut changed me forever.

It all began when I was expecting baby number two. My plate was full and the wonderful job I had loved so much began to feel like a shoe that’s too tight. All of a sudden I couldn’t breathe. I wanted to be home with my babies, YES, but I also felt a soulful stirring. What was I doing with my life? Did it fulfill my dreams? Strangely enough, at that time I didn’t know what my dreams were, I just knew that my stint as a high school teacher had run its course. That if I spent one more day doing it, something inside of me would dry up and wither away.

So I resigned. I started doing odd jobs—tutoring, coaching, test proctoring—anything flexible that would help pay the bills and still allow me to be home with the kids. But I was BORED and I began to question my decision. Should I have given up a sure thing—something I knew I liked—for a big fat unknown? Who was I anyway? I had forgotten.

For a year I tarried over the next season of my life.

But then something miraculous happened.



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  1. Emma @ Words And Peace

    sorry, am super late, catching up with blog posts. I loved your sharing of your story, amazing! as they already closed the comments on the site where you shared your story – I can’t believe someone would close comments on a blog, within less than 30 days of a post. So I comment. and I’m super excited to run a virtual book tour for you in January!

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