A Book Deal & Much Excitement about Rodin’s Lover

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waltzI am so excited to share this amazing news with you! (I’m cartwheeling all over the place!) My second novel, RODIN’S LOVER, a book about art, love, and madness, will follow the story of Camille Claudel, sculptress, lover, and collaborator to Auguste Rodin set to the backdrop of 1880’s Paris. The book will be published by Plume/Penguin once again as a winter title of 2015. This book has been a labor of love so I’m THRILLED to share it with you! The pictures I have attached are pieces of Camille’s.

Here’s a bit more about the book:


Camille Claudel loves nothing more than plunging her hands into clay and leaps at the opportunity to study art in Paris. In Belle Époque France, sculpture is at its height of popularity, but as a woman Camille must first fight to win a place in the male-dominated art world. She secures the support of one tutor, but plenty of male critics and her ultra-traditional mother, make sure everyone recognizes her limitations.

But luck is on Camille’s side. Her art tutor departs for Italy indefinitely, leaving her in the care of his trusted friend, Auguste Rodin.

maturityWhen Rodin enters Camille’s studio, lightning strikes. The jaded sculptor has never met such a talented young novice, or one so beautiful. As their passion grows to a fever pitch, Camille draws inspiration from him and Rodin creates ground-breaking new works. Yet despite Camille’s certain level of newfound success, she finds herself cast in the shadow of her lover’s rising star. Worse still, some deem her work a mere duplication of his.

Soon Camille faces a tragic dilemma from which she cannot escape. Her obsession with her work—and her lover—crosses the line into madness, and Camille must struggle to save her sanity or lose everything she holds dear.


I hope you will love her story as much as I do.




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  1. Barbara

    I can’t wait! I remember reading several books about Ms. Camille just before the movie about her came out when I was in college. I was so fascinated to discover those Rodin sculptures I had so admired were most likely HER work. A fascinating woman indeed… I need to go re-watch that movie whilst I await your novel…

    • Heather Webb

      Thank you for your comment, Barbara! I’m very excited about this book for the exact reasons you mentioned–all of those pieces, their love, and that movie! It’s one of my favorite French films still. This has been a labor of love, absolutely. Our never forget our trips to the museum! Great memories there. xo

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