When Rejection is Necessary, or I Reject All the Fear

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typewriterI’ve been absent…this happens to the best of us, especially when working under deadline for our publisher. But a big part of my issue is all that blogging I do elsewhere! From now on, dear readers, I will post a snippet of what I’m working on here and you can follow the link to the end of the rainbow. Today I’m blogging over at the wonderful blog, Writers in the Storm, about writerly fear. So here we go…


When Rejection is Necessary, or I Reject All the Fear


The most detested word in the publishing industry, perhaps even in the English language (we writers might argue) is rejection. Even saying it aloud gives you a nasty swirling in your stomach. Whether it be from agents and editors, or readers and reviewers, the word itself embodies our deepest darkest fear—we aren’t good enough. When the “R’s” begin to pile up, we sink into the sludge that mires us deeper in our fears and that horrible message becomes louder, crippling us.

As I’m working on book three, this fear of the dreaded “R” sits on my chest like a fat cat—even after two contracted books at a large publisher. Even with the overwhelming good fortune of having a network of writer friends I’m proud and blessed to call my tribe. I’m pushing the envelope, you see. In my first novel I mashed up historical fiction, women’s fiction, and romance. My second, I skipped ahead to another era and fell in love with a lesser known artist figure and her struggles with madness. Now, I’m taking on a well-known story and turning it on its head. No biographical route for me this time.

Some serious genre pushing.

But WHY I ask myself? Why must I stick my neck out, push my craft to the point of almost physical pain. Why must I risk my publisher saying “no thank you” to this next book, and the one after that.

The answer is simple.


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  1. Heather Adams

    I recently got an agent rejection from a full manuscript request and I definitely needed this today. 😉 Thank you!

    • Heather Webb

      I’m sorry to hear about your rejection, Heather. They are really tough to stomach sometimes, but soldier on! You will get there with persistence. Good luck to you!

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