Writers: Spring Editing Special!

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Are you a writer on your journey to publication? Spring “clean” your manuscript and receive publishing/marketing advice with my editing discount package.  Details below:

Developmental Reads on a full manuscript:  15% discount

Line Edit Reads on a full manuscript: 10% discount

**Any full read, I will throw in your query for no extra charge


I’m a traditionally published author with Penguin Random House and HarperCollins, as well as a freelance editor, and blogger. I have four years of editing experience and have helped many clients sign with literary agents, several of whom have gone on to sell to Big Five publishers, as well as hit the USA Today Bestsellers’ list. In addition, I’ve worked with clients who have found success with indie presses, and/or become finalists in literary contests and awards. For more about me, see my Author Page.


I edit fiction (novels or short stories) of all genres with the exception of horror or picture books. I also edit query letters and synopses. At this time, I do not edit non-fiction or memoirs.


1. Contact me here with the number of pages you’d like reviewed and any questions you may have. We’ll discuss the type of edits you’re looking for, etc. In the event I’m not the editor that can help you with your project, I’ll be happy to make recommendations for other editors.

2. Sign a short contract to protect your work

3. Receive an invoice via PayPal (more info below)

4. Pay to reserve your spot in the queue, and receive a confirmation of payment

5. Send manuscript in a Microsoft Word document as an attachment with your name, the title of your work, the number of pages, & genre. Please submit pages in the standard industry format–  double-spaced in Times New Roman or Courier New font, 12 point.

6. Receive a confirmation that I have your pages, as well as an estimate of when the editing will be completed (also stated on the contract)


This includes as many as three passes through your query.


This includes the first two pages of a single-spaced synopsis. Each additional page is $3/page.


  • In-depth analysis of opening scenes and first chapter up to 10 pages
  • I’ll be looking for: grammar, syntax, paragraph structure, sentence flow, voice, & style, AND developmental editing —pacing, tension, themes, motivation, symbolism, characters, plot structure, and big TRUTHS.
  • Further discussion and plot development via email

***This package is my minimum fee, outside of queries or synopses which can be purchased on their own.

Otherwise I charge…

$2.50 per page for DEVELOPMENTAL EDITS

  • For this type of critique, I’m looking at the broad scope of the manuscript. Examples of things I’ll be looking for: Pacing, tension, themes, Goal-Motivation-Conflict, character arcs, plot structure, and big TRUTHS. Further discussion and plot development via email or phone.

$3.50 per page for LINE EDITS

  • For this type of critique, I zoom in to study each sentence. I focus on: Grammar, syntax, paragraph structure, sentence flow, voice, & style, AS WELL AS developmental issues listed above.
  • Further discussion and plot development via email or phone
  • I do not do final polish editing, otherwise known as copy editing. This means every typo, every comma or dangling participle, etc., before a book is published. That sort of hyper, fine-tuning is not my specialty. I can, however, make recommendations for this sort of editing once your manuscript is ready.



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